In Shasta County, in California, and across the country, regions big and small are talking about growth and development.  Below you will find a collection of articles offering various perspectives and approaches.

What is 'Rural Livability'?
PBS (Blueprint America)
May 17, 2010

Greenhouse Gas Law Could Bring More Efficient Plans
Record Searchlight
April 28, 2010

North State Faces Greenhouse Laws: Long-term Planning Could Cut Emissions
Record Searchlight
April 24, 2010

The Return of the Local Economy
April 29, 2010

Pleasonton's Plan to Cap Residential Growth Violates State Law
San Fransisco Chronical
March 16, 2010

Can Shasta County Double its Population and Stay Rural?
Record Searchlight Editorial
August, 27 2009

How Should Shasta County Grow?
Record Searchlight
August 23, 2009

ShastaFORWARD>> Alternatives
Record Searchlight
August 23, 2009

About ShastaFORWARD>>
Record Searchlight
August 23, 2009

2050 Vision for Valley: 400 Miles of New Freeways
Arizona Republic
September 29, 2009

Silas Lyons: Yes, ShastaFORWARD>> Has a Bias
Record Searchlight Editorial
August 23, 2009

Walking Study May Change Development Policies
El Paso Times
October 12, 2009

The Debate Over Letting Kids Walk to School
Architectural Record
September 12, 2009

Big Subdivision Could Mean More Traffic Lights In Redding
New York Times
August 13, 2009

Davis Wants New 'Village' to be Affordably Green
Sacramento Bee
August 11, 2009

Blurring the Urban-rural line in Damascus
August 8, 2009

Grocers increasingly taking over vacant big boxes
Retail Traffic
July 21

Downtown central-cities as hubs of civic connection
August 3, 2009

California must adapt to changing climate
Capital Press
August 2, 2009

$2 Billion Development Planned for Stockton
Central Valley Business Times
July 28, 2009

Duo Protests Housing Plan
July 27, 2009

Large West Redding Subdivision Approved; Opponents Vow Court Fight
Record Searchlight
July 22, 2009

Board OKs Sutter Pointe plan
July 1, 2009

Organic Farms as Subdivision Amenities
The New York Times
June 30, 2009

Exurban Growth Greater than Central Growth: Census Bureau
June 24, 2009

My Word: Taking 'smart' out of growth
June 24, 2009

New Lives for Old Buildings
June 23, 2009

In Suburbia, A Megaproject Offers Hope
The New York Times
June 17, 2009

State budget committee proposes Williamson Act cuts
Record Searchlight
June 19, 2009

Editorial: Region can add homes, jobs without more sprawl
June 17, 2009

Farmland Prices: The Cost of Growing a Suburb
June 16, 2009

Blueprint America
May 20, 2009

Pedestrian-friendly Zoning: Proposal to Curb Shelby County Sprawl
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)
May 25, 2009

- A Coming World That's a Whole Lot Smaller
Globe Investor Magazine
May 21, 2009

- Hold the Line: Ottowans Protest in Favor of Urban Growth Boundary
The Ottowan Citizen
May 14, 2009

-Council Charts New Course for 2030 General Plan
Chico News & Review
April 30, 2009

- Protection vs. Development Battle Continues
Lake Oswego Review (Oregon)
April 9, 2009

- Colorado Springs Aims to Revitalize, Reshape Downtown Core
Colorado Springs Gazette
April 2, 2009

- Residents Ponder Questions About City's Future Growth
Chico Enterprise Record
April 2, 2009

- 300,000 More Houses? Where?
The Oregonian
March 29, 2009

-Bigger Not Always Better When Selecting a Place to Start a Company
March 27, 2009

- Shasta Land Trust Adds 5,000 Acres to It's Conservation Holdings
Record Searchlight
March 30, 2009

- Taking Cities in Stride (what makes cities walkable)
New York Times
March 27, 2009

- Efforts to Create a Riverfront Buzz Moving Ahead
Sacramento Bee
March 19, 2009

- Suburbs Not Most Popular, But Suburbanites Most Content
Pew Research Center
February 26, 2009

- Granite Bay Residents Riled by Review of Growth Plan
Sacramento Bee
March 6, 2009

-It Takes a Village: Why Walkable Urbanism is Good for Adolescents
Greater Greater Washington
March 3, 2009

- Traffic Down 30% in Cities: How?
CEOs for Cities
March 3, 2009

- Shasta County, Redding Lay Groundwork for Rival Shopping Centers
Record Searchlight
March 1, 2009  

- Timber Firm, Sierra Nevada Environmental Groups Settle Dispute
Sacramento Bee
February 28, 2009

- State Budget Keeps Key Farm Programs (including 34.7 million for Williamson Act contracts)
California Farm Bureau Federation
February 25, 2009

- Small, Green, and Good
Boston Review
February 22, 2009

- How Will 15 More Seattles Fit Here
Seattle Post Intelligencer
February 19, 2009

- Supervisors Warned that New State Laws Would Limit Growth
Record Searchlight
January 28, 2009

- Task Force Says Oregon Land Use System Needs Tweaking

The Oregonian
January 22, 2009

- The Suburban Challenge

January 17, 2009

- Pointed Views on Water Transfers Aired

Chico Enterprise Record
January 22, 2009

- Where to Locate Your Business

December 29, 2008

- Tehama Supervisor Looking out for Rural Interests

Record Searchlight
December 22, 2008

- Landowner's Request to Have Ranch Preserved for Agricultural Uses Denied
Record Searchlight
December 17, 2008

- Small Town Offers Lessons on Retaining and Creating Jobs
The Oregonian

December 30, 2008

- Cottonwood, Happy Valley See Plans for Growth
Anderson Valley Post
December 10, 2008

- How Your Community Can Thrive - Even in Tough Times

Project for Public Spaces
December 1, 2008

- Retail, Residential, and Office Coming Together For a Main Street Renaissance
The State
October 25, 2008

-ShastaFORWARD>> Wants Input on Future Growth

Record Searchlight
October 19, 2008

Framing Our Future

Modesto Bee
October 27, 2008

- Ask the "Best Places to Live" Guy
The New York Times
October 2, 2008

- Shasta County Has a Lot to Love and Lose

Record Searchlight
September 21, 2008

- Holding His Ground (Farm Resists Encroaching Sprawl)
August 25, 2008

- Best Towns 2008; Progressive Candidates

Outside Magazine
Aug, 2008

- Foes Back Anti-Sprawl Measure
(Aurelio Rojas)
Sacramento Bee
August 7, 2008

- Like Suburbs, Cities are Rethinking Growth Pattern
(Haya El Nasser)
USA Today
June 29, 2008

- They're Closing the Wrong Starbucks in Downtown Redding (Paul Shigley)
California Planning & Development Report
July 26, 2008

- High Gas Prices Threaten to Drain Small Towns' Population (Donald Bradley)
Kansas City Star
July 28, 2008

- California Has Abundant Water, Not Political Courage
(Paul Shigley)
California Planning & Development Report
July 22, 2008

- Panel US Highway Trust Fund Veers Toward Crisis
(Richard Simon)
LA Times
July 21, 2008

- High Gas Prices Make Rural Life Difficult

The Globe and Mail
June 2, 2008

- Panel Prepares for 2050: ShastaFORWARD>> Seeks Opinions on Countywide Growth
(Scott Mobley)
Redding Searchlight
March 23, 2008

- Planners Write an Early Obituary for Shasta County (Michael McGuire)
Record Searchlight
May 11, 2008

- Creeping Sprawl Overtakes Refugees from Cities (Rachel Gordon)

San Fransisco Chronical
April 13, 2008

- Mapping Transportation Costs for Home Buyers (Elizabeth Razzi)
Washington Post
April 16, 2008

- We need regional planning before it's too
late (Tom Reemts)
Redding Searchlight
January 17, 2008

- Election year is a time for vision (Silas Lyons)
Redding Searchlight
December 30, 2007

- "Feature series to predict four possible South County futures" (Michael Woodward)
Anderson Valley Post
January 2, 2008

- "Walmart Supercenter fuels Anderson growth" (David Benda)
Redding Record Searchlight
December 30, 2007

- "Building plans get nod" (Scott Mobley)
Redding Record Searchlight
November 14, 2007

- "Vacant lot in Redding may house shops, offices" (Scott Mobley)
Redding Record Searchlight
November 12, 2007

- "County to weigh fees" (Kimberly Ross)
Redding Record Searchlight
November 5, 2007

- "Public, leaders to plan for growth" (Dylan Darling)
Redding Record Searchlight
October 23, 2007

- "Fix Five fee will get ahead of growth curve"

Redding Record Searchlight
October 21, 2007

- "New developer gives 'mixed use' a try downtown"
Redding Record Searchlight
September 11, 2007

- "Planning requires us to think as a community" (Emily Young)
Redding Record Searchlight
July 15, 2007

- "Regional planning is our best way forward"
(Dean Goekler)
Redding Record Searchlight
April 13, 2007

- "State Announces $5 Million in Blueprint Planning Grants"
Business Wire
November 20, 2006

- "Will Redding let greed drag the city back in time?" (
Randall R. Smith)
Redding Record Searchlight
October 14, 2006

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